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The Milo Foundation was named after an Australian Shepherd. Milo was five weeks old when Lynne Tingle discovered that her puppy was both deaf and blind. Despite concerns from friends and family, Lynne was determined to give Milo a good life.

It was a learning process for both Milo and Lynne, his “seeing eye person”. Lynne developed a series of taps to communicate with Milo. A tap on the left or right flank would instruct Milo which direction to go. And a tap on the rear meant ‘stop’. In the park, Milo’s feet read the ground like Braille, where he bounded around in circles with his nose in the air, barking with joy.

Given a chance to live, Milo became a happy, beloved dog. The experience with Milo led Lynne to learn about other animals who needed a chance – abandoned and stray dogs and cats who fill city shelters – which led to the founding of the sanctuary in August of 1994: The Milo Foundation.

After a full and happy life, Milo passed away in August of 1998. He was the perfect spirit and namesake for a sanctuary dedicated to saving the lives of creatures who deserved, like Milo, a chance at a good life.



the Milo Foundation is an established 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill organization providing an alternative for homeless pets throughout Northern California. Milo provides community education, volunteer opportunities, adoption services and sanctuary for animals until permanent homes can be found.

The Milo Foundation has it’s sanctuary located on two hundred and eighty-three acres in Mendocino County offering lots of room for the animals to run and play. The Milo Sanctuary houses cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, and occasionally farm animals and other domestic creatures that find their way there.

Since December 2013, the Milo Foundation has had it’s main office and primary adoption center located in Point Richmond, California. Milo Point Richmond, known as MPR, has opened up new opportunities for the Milo Foundation, with a terrific space including rooms for cats, three dog yards and a 3/4 acre dog park. Milo is saving and adopting out more than 1400 animals a year.

Milo has ample volunteer and fostering opportunities as well as extensive outreach activities, including regular Mobile Adoptions in the East Bay and Marin, and occasionally in San Francisco to meet and greet a select group of adoptable animals, many of whom are cared for in Milo foster homes.

I invite you to come visit and meet the many wonderful dogs and cats here at the Milo Foundation!
Lynne Tingle – Founder/Director


Lynne Tingle Founder & CEO


Lynne Tingle

Director/ founder

The mission of the Milo Foundation is to rescue adoptable at-risk animals, match them to homes best suited to provide lifetime care, rehabilitate those who need it, offer sanctuary to those who are not placed, and educate the public about responsible pet guardianship, including spay/neuter.

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Work With Us?

The Milo Foundation occasionally has job openings at both Milo Point Richmond in Richmond, California, and the Milo Sanctuary in Willits, California. If you’ve ever wanted a meaningful job working with animals that does not involve dealing with the heartbreak of euthanasia, but rather rescuing animals from that fate, then check out current listings and send an inquiry to one of the addresses shown below.

Milo Sanctuary Positions

For Sanctuary positions email your cover letter and resume to mn@milofoundation.org with “Sanctuary Position” in the subject line.

Milo Point Richmond Positions

For MPR positions email your cover letter and resume to jaf@milofoundation.org with “Job Application” in the subject line.

Milo Point Richmond Positions


The Milo Foundation is seeking a kennel attendant with animal experience, specifically with dogs, is required.

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The Milo Sanctuary


The Milo Foundation Sanctuary outside of Willits, California. We normally posts job listings on Craigslist

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